You – Artist – Are the Solution to Huge, Vast, Humongous Problems

A reader writes in:


Hi Martin,

I always look forward to your articles because they’re so very helpful.

Lately in some of these other sites I’ve been coming across,they’ve been talking about artists”solving a problem”.

I don’t know… whenever I try to think about this… it doesn’t help much…


Alrighty then, allow me to proffer some helpful help.

Maybe you think art is a frivolity.

A luxury.

Something for the wealthy.

Something whose only raison d’être is the fact that it sprang forth from the depths of your inspiration.

Maybe you’d be wrong.

Do you even know how frigging bored people are?

How empty, meaningless, void of purpose the life of SO many people on this planet?

You may think that reality TV prospers only because production companies through enormous marketing budgets at it, but no.

Dumb TV shows, trash novels, 50 Shades of Misogyny, yet another remake of a movie that wasn’t good in its first edition, yet another kaboom-brat-tat-tat-movie…

All that stuff finds a hungry audience first and foremost because it feels a need.

It does so in very poor ways, but there is the need and it speaks to that.

The need o find meaning, to be enraptured, thrilled, inspired, transformed – to grow and discover news aspects of our inner world.

People are bored and dulled.

And that’s one major reason why extreme crap sells like hot cakes.

What if you could jump in there, with your art?

What if you could be part of the solution, fill a bit of that need with your art?

Art inspires, uplifts, changes you.

Art makes people grow, learn, open up.

Each time you sell a piece, you solve a problem.

You bring something beautiful or meaningful from the beyond into the the here and now of the buyer.

And THAT is why you solve more problems the more art you sell.

And this: “I always look forward to your articles because they’re so very helpful.” is why email marketing works.

And here is where you get me to teach you how –>



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