You Already Have a No, but You Just Might Get a Yes

Funny idiom in my native Dutch: Nee heb je, ja kan je krijgen.

It’s a saying used any time someone isn’t sure, is doubting, is wavering, or is suffering from ‘small-me-syndrome’ and not stepping out there.

It simply means: If you don’t ask, the answer is already no. But if you do ask, you just might hear yes.

Another one: Niet geschoten is altijd mis. : If you don’t shoot, you’ve already missed the target.

So why, on this sunny day, am I throwing archaic Dutch colloquialisms at you?

Because email marketing.

If you don’t send an email a day, you’re not getting a sale a day from it.

If you don’t ask for the sale, it’s not very likely somebody will say ‘yep, here’s my money’.

If you don’t get out there and show your work and your worth to people, they won’t know about you.

You can be shy and timid and insecure all you want, but believe me: it’s all attitude, and you too can grow out of that stuff.

Faster than you think, if you give it half a try.

Old misconceptions, habitual programs of perception from decades ago, default reactions that aren’t yours but that you’ve practiced for so long they became part of your fibre – all that can go.

Right this very minute, if you want.

And I’m not joking: the human mind really is that powerful.

To be fair, for most people it takes years to get rid of old rubbish in our minds.

Me, I spent 20 years, meditating and analysing myself, and I still deal with stuff that 16 year-old-Martin should have gotten himself over, but didn’t.

Gets better every day though.

Anyway, back to business:

One of the things I got over was the idea that sales come by themselves – quality of work, word of mouth – that should do it, right?

Nope, it doesn’t.

I doubt anyone ever managed to get a decent amount of sales without some form of promotion.

These days, the internet makes that even more poignant: there’s just SO MUCH competition.

But, I’ll tell you one thing: Hardly anyone in your niche will be sending a daily email – and if they do, it’ll either be way too salesy, or they won’t ask for the sale at all.

And suddenly, you show up, and you do send an email every day, and you do make it fun and useful, and you do always ask for the sale…

You do that, and suddenly you stand miles apart from your spamming or non-selling competition.

You bet that gets you sales – you’ll be one of the very few who actually cares enough to be persistent, and one of the few who make no qualms about being in business.

Yes, the power of email marketing.

Let me help you get started, because LEAP #4 is going to the printer’s in a few days, and it’ll be all about email marketing and how to do it right.

Meaning, how to write emails that get opened day after day, and that get you easier sales than you thought possible.

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