Why I Write and Email Every Day (And Sometimes Even Twice a Day)

Sometimes, people try to persuade me that writing less frequently is better.

Once a week, or once or twice a month…

My friend Antonio, for example: just sent me an email in response to yesterday’s Amazing Opportunity Exponentialiser emails.

Says it’s a good one, and that if I write once a week, the quality will be better.

Which might be true, but I’m not going to change the frequency, for a number of important reasons.

And those reasons contain an important lesson for you. So here goes.

For one thing, I write these emails as a public service.

I aim to help, inspire, support and ignite a desire for change in you.

The emails, they are here to inspire you into taking smart action.

That’s one thing.

Next, apparently that works:

People (clients as well as non-clients) tell me over and over again that it’s helpful, that they are grateful.

In fact, on days that I sometimes skip mailing, people often write in to ask if I’m alright, and that they missed me.

I’ve even been blessed for doing what I do. Humbling, I tell you.

“I have breakfast with you every day” is another comment I received.

So yeah, to the right person, these emails apparently ought to come in daily.

Another reason is a more selfish one.

And if you’re thinking ‘So that Martin can sell more’, that’s not what I mean.

Writing daily is therapeutic for me.

And as for getting more business: I don’t see that as selfish at all – quite the opposite in fact.

Because I only deserve to earn money if what I do genuinely helps people.

So for me to make a living means someone else is seeing change and results in their life.

My work is help, my reward is making a living. In that order.

And my service to the world is sending free daily coaching emails.

Another reason is that when you’re in business, showing up consistently makes all the difference.

And of course once a week also works as long as you keep the pace and don’t break the chain. Consistency is key, in all things in life.

Take it from an old monk.

As for the quality: yeah, maybe that would improv.

I’d certainly become more careful with tipos.

But, and this here is key:

The more you show up, the more you are top of mind with people.

Which means that when the moment comes to buy, you’ll be the first they think of.

AND: daily emails are a perfect vehicle for helpful marketing.

As you’ve heard in the Masterclass, if you bought it:

Your marketing materials should be so high quality and so helpful, that you could sell it instead of giving it away.

And yes, I’ve had people ask me when I’m going to charge for these emails (don’t worry, I won’t).

Because I want to show you, every single day, what the effect is of consistent helpful marketing.

So that one day, you will hopefully also adopt a consistent practice of putting out high-value, helpful marketing.

Because it works, and that’s a fact.

So: sorry Antonio – your advice is valid, but I’ll have to pass on this one.

Have a stellar weekend, everyone.

I know I will.



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