This World? This World Is Not My Oyster

Not at all.

This world… is my sandbox, my playground.

Sure I may be 43 years old – but I live my life playing like a 6-year old.

Look! Toys!

Man, there’s toys everywhere!

Because, why so serious?

Sure you can knit your brow and worry.

But where’s the fun in that?

You can try to build your business with dogged determination.

But where’s the fun in that?

John Cleese once said that ‘creativity is simply the ability to play’.

And the dude knows a thing or two about creativity.

So you’re a creator, a maker of things.

Which means that whether you know it or not, you play.

You toy with things, put stuff together and see if it fits, or blows up.

I’m not saying you should act like an infant.

Though sometimes it can be very liberating.

But I do recommend you play, deliberately.

Me, I play with whatever is in front of me.

Thoughts, words, ideas, photos, the things someone tells me.

And then I put them together and build stuff.

I play.

Do you?

The more I play, the more fun I have.

And the more fun I have, the more creative I become.

And, the more I get done.

Play more, play harder.

This life is meant for you to enjoy.

And that starts with the attitude you decide to adopt.

I guarantee that the more you adopt a playful attitude to whatever you do, the more fun things become, and the easier too.

Because, why so serious?

Now, when I talk about play, that doesn’t mean doing stuff in a happy-go-lucky, devil may care way.

All I’m saying is that there’s no good reason to take ourselves so seriously.

Other people, that’s something to take seriously.

But ourselves?


Laugh about yourself, nothing like a healthy be of (non-derogatory) self-mockery.

Ask any English person, they’re masters at it.

Go on.

Play! :)



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