Word of Advise: Don't Help Other Artists

Had a coaching session with a local artist the other day.

This one has never done anything to sell her work, other than rely on galleries.

So we talk, and I give her my best, and one of the things I suggested is that she join the La Conca Arts Club, here on the coast.

That’s it’s so great to have a supportive network.

“Oh no”, she says. “Artists don’t support each other!”

Which is interesting, because each time there’s a do or an exhibition, all the artists on the coast rally round and show up.

Tonight, Emma Plunkett has a private viewing up in Granada, and we’re all going up there to attend.

Roberta (founder of the club), me, my painter friend Sue, and that’s just the people I spoke to in the last 24 hours.

I’m pretty sure I’ll see half the club give acte de présence, bringing their friends and all.

So who says artists don’t support each other?

Only the people who think that way, who feel that there’s scarcity and competition, that you need to be protective –

That’s the kind of person who doesn’t believe it.

All the others, they are like a sea: Together they are a rising tide, and they lift all ships.

Now obviously other artists won’t directly get you more sales.

An artist isn’t necessarily an art buyer.

But the people they know and bring along, those folk just might buy from you.

Or they might talk about you.

Or sign up to your newsletter, or follow you on social media and share your stories and new work.

So yes, there’s definite benefit to associating yourself with other artists.

It increases your reach, visibility, the amount of conversations you have, and the luck surface area of your art business.

And as for competition and protectiveness?

I wouldn’t worry about it.

Your art is unique, and if it’s not right for Jimmy Art-buyer, he’s not going to take it home no matter how exclusively you shield it away from ‘the competition’.

There’s plenty to go round for all of us.

But only if you get out there yourself.

And, you’ll need to be utterly clear about who you are, what you stand for, and what sets you apart from other artists.

And that has to do with much – MUCH – more than just your art.

Which you’ll understand on a deep level after you read LEAP 17 – the branding issue.

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