Winey Neutered Goats Fly

Yeah, I thought that would get your attention – and no, I haven’t gone crazy.

Thing is, I’m all about making things fun, easy, effortless – and the best way to do that, is by turning everything in life and business into some form of play.

That’s why the core attitude I live by and teach clients, is Judo, Ballet, and Chess.

Choose one of those attitudes depending on the situation, and you’ll basically become unbeatable.

As for ‘whiney neutered goats fly’: that’s an acronym I learned in Eric Barker’s excellent book ‘Barking up the wrong tree’. Highly recommended.
WNGF stands for Winnable, Novel challenges, Goals, and Feedback.

These four elements are what make games fun, and you can turn every job, situation, challenge or task, into a form of play, by setting it up as WNGF.

It’s a simple and powerful creative way to very quickly give you a sense of control over your life (and business).

When something is winnable, it’s easy to stay motivated on trying again, so turn your challenges into smaller, ultra-achievable chunks.

When something is novel, it triggers curiosity – and if you’ve ever seen the way a child can completely lose all sense of time and self, you know how powerful curiosity is for reaching states of flow and sticking with the game.

Then, as you get better at winning the ultra-achievable chunks, gradually up the stakes: that way the challenge stays novel, and you’ll be creating goals – which give you something to aspire to and which helps you try harder and longer.

And when you reach the goals, when you do get the little wins, you get feedback: a neurological trigger that releases specific beneficial hormones, making you feel good about your win, wanting you to have another go.

This simple attitude can make a world of difference in how you perceive life and the challenges of being in business. It helps you create more effortless mastery, and will increase your ubeatability.

But there’s one thing you need to add to gamifying stuff, otherwise it won’t work:

Elimination. Like I said the other day: there’s way too much stuff in our lives, and the more we eliminate, the better things get.

And how to eliminate, and what to eliminate, and how to make the right decisions on eliminating, that’s exactly what you’ll learn in today’s Calibrate Reality Webinar.

Live training with Q&A, today at 7PM Europe, 1PM Eastern.

Here’s where you can register:

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