Why You Should Pretend. Seriously…

Pick an opinion you have, a belief about something and you consider that true.

The innate goodness of humanity is an example, or your belief that you are a quick learner.

But for the purpose of this exercise, pick one that is negative, limiting, or judgmental.

For example: “I have no discipline” or “I always procrastinate” or “I’m not as awesome as Oprah”.

Now ask yourself: if that were *not* true.. in what way would your life be different?

Level up: which truth is there in your life, that if it were not true, everything would change?

Reaching the peak:

Why not start acting as if it weren’t true, as in today? Right now?

You’ll be surprised by what you might find…

Here’s why this exercise is so useful:

It’s a quantum-leap type of thing, a little trick to play on your subconscious.

Assuming the attitude of ‘after’, and simply acting as if it’s no longer considered a truth, will enable you to take actions and make decisions that in your current state of beliefs are impossible to do.

Because what you now consider to be true will prevent you.

But if you play a little game of pretenzies with them, you just might find yourself able to take action.

Now if you try this and it doesn’t work, maybe working with me directly is a good idea.

Because when it comes to limiting beliefs and turning them upside down, they can be pretty tough to overcome, especially if you’re prone to self-sabotage.

And I happen to be pretty good at helping you doing mental ju-jitsu.

So let me know if you want some help.



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