Why You Should Hang Out With People You Look Up To

Don’t you just love being the smartest kid in the class?
I sure do.
Question is: smartest compared to what?
See, we all like to have our ego stroked.
I sure do.

One of the easiest ways to do that is hanging out with people who look up to you.
They’re impressed, they’re grateful, they challenge your knowledge – and you end up feeling good, helpful, smart.
Not wrong in itself, but it has bad consequences.
If you spend a lot of time – online or offline – with people who look up to you, you miss out on something important: challenge.

See, if you decide to spend time with people that you look up to, you are constantly being stimulated to improve.
They’re smart, they know things you don’t? Then you too want to learn that.
They manage their time so well that they can help folk for free? Gimme sommadat.
They are organised, on time, rarely miss a beat? Show me how to get there.

If you do it right, being around people who have achieved something admirable can be a fantastically massive motivation.
Doing it right means: Seeing the difference between you and them as potential, a gap to cross – instead of feeling inferior.
That’s a big problem for many people: The sensation that another person’s success tells us we ourselves aren’t all that great.

Don’t fall for that trap.

I sure do from time to time – and I used to all the time.
Until I learned what an awesome motor it is to be around people who inspire us.
Example: I happen to speak more than one language, because that’s how we’re brought up in Holland.
You may speak only English – but does that mean you’re less able, less successful, or less talented?
Of course not.
It just means you’ve not yet learned something that I did learn.

And if that makes you go: “Wow, I want that!”, then go for it, with all your might

It’s just a gap to cross, nothing more.

Takes a bit of time, bit of effort – and you’ll start seeing results.

Same thing with everything in life, and certainly so in business.
You may feel comfortable around peers and hey – that’s a good thing.
We need a safe place and we need support from people like us.
But be aware that it’s a comfort zone, and that growth only happens when you step out of that comfort zone.

So get in touch with that famous blogger, that social media maven, that sold-world-over artist, and spend time with them.
You’ll find that the people we tend to look up to are often more than happy to take you up in their circles.
And you’ll be amazed at how fast you can evolve when that happens.

Speaking of comfort zones: Want to step out of the one where you don’t get sales because you’re not asking people to buy?
You know the one: it’s when you feel apologetic about asking money for what you do.
Which causes you to not ask for the sale, and that means you don’t get them.

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See you,


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