Why You Couldn't Get Me to Write on Google Docs if You Paid Me a Million $

You know what’s the most destructive thing for a writer’s creativity?

Second-guessing yourself.

Oh wait – you know that, because you’re writing to your list, just like I keep recommending. Cool.

It’s that editor coming in when you’re trying to actually write.

If you let that guy bother you, you’ll never get anything written. (I have a pretty useful article about the three writer-persona – hit reply if you’ve not read it yet. It really helps.)

Want to know what’s even even worse, by many factors?

Someone looking over your shoulder. Terrible.

And even worse than that – the single most destructive thing for a writer?

A client looking over your shoulder.

I mean, writing is a messy, messy process.

You honestly don’t want to know the complete and utter nonsense I write (and later delete) when drafting.


Drafting a page is squeezing my brain after research, and dumping the contents onto my keyboard

And there’s a lot in there, and it all comes out.

It’s messy. Dirty. Sometimes ugly, sometimes offensive. Chaotic. Hectic.

As a writer, all that stuff needs to come out, because hidden in there is the 5% of actual useable copy.

That first draft, the brain dump, is like a block of marble.

A sculptor chips at the marble until just the statue is left.

I hack into my draft and delete everything that can’t be used, until there’s a decent page left.

And THEN I let my editor persona take over to perfect it.

A client seeing me write, live, on Google Docs would entirely halt my process.

Maybe other writers work in different ways and wouldn’t mind, but for me it would be impossible.

Anyway, that’s just something that came up today.

Hope you’re having a rocking day, and I hope you won’t forget about your favorite Stellar in case you need some copy or want a writing coach. Just hit reply if you want to talk.

Talk soon,


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