Why Sometimes I'm Sad When People Unsubscribe

As a good marketer should, I don’t mind when people unsubscribe.

It means my list gets more targeted and it means my emails no longer bother people for whom they’re not right.

Good for everybody involved.

But at the same time, it saddens me.

When someone leaves, I kinda feel as if it’s my personal failure.

It tells me I wasn’t able to reach that person, that I failed to connect with them and mean something to them.

And because I’m 100% convinced that the stuff I write about works and is valuable, seeing someone say ‘no more of that, thanks’ tells me I should try harder to make sense.

Ok, I’m well aware that those feelings are debatable, and spring forth from my own hangups such as they may be.

People may have all kinds of reasons for subscribing or unsubscribing, and it may have nought to do with me – who knows?

Besides, I’m simply not for everyone, just like not everyone is for me.

And yet, and yet…

Given that I love motivating people, and inspiring them, and showing different ways of looking at things – I honestly believe that as many people as possible deserve to learn these viewpoints o’ mine.

They’ve helped me, and still do. They can help others. They could help you.

I wish that same effect on others. Obviously.

Sometimes when a person leaves, I feel like I should follow up, see if they’re really sure.

But they revoked my permission to talk to them, so all I can do is quietly wish them luck, and go about my business.

Which, increasingly these days, is about helping people get their head around business, entrepreneurship, marketing, social relationships and the psychology of sales.

I’ve discovered that many people have a great need to better understand how to be an entrepreneur, so they can better choose what to focus their attention on.

That’s why you’ve seen me talk more about topics that are to do with mindset, attitude, activity and entrepreneurial prowess.

The result?

Those people who don’t leave really get what I’m trying to say.

And that’s what makes it all worth it – even the occasional pang of sadness when someone didn’t get it, didn’t agree, or ended up not liking me.

Because when one person takes their leave, another person says ‘Damn, that’s a good idea – thank you’.

And it’s those people whom I write for.

So that sometimes, a lightbulb goes on and that individual is able to leap forward.

One of the things I sincerely hope will make sense to you: that ‘you-time’ I mentioned the other day – spending the first 30 or 60 minutes of your day on yourself.

They say ‘pay yourself first’. And there’s a lot of sense in that.

It’s worth a try – even if you do it for only a week. You’ll likely see a massive shift in your feelings, your thoughts, your productivity and your creativity.

Maybe a walk, a book, a podcast or a webinar – learn something new, build something for the future, even if it’s only a small effort daily. It adds up.

Just so long as that time is truly yours.

Try it?

You not only deserve it: as an entrepreneur, you need it.

It makes you grow, it fosters your creativity, and it makes you a stronger, more effective freelancer or business owner.

Plenty of reasons, I’d say.

Just like there are quite a few good reasons to join the LEAP Newsletter – for example, the fact that you not only get the newsletter itself, but you also get to ask me questions by email. That amounts to a lot of help, yours for free with a monthly subscription.

Dig it here –> http://martinstellar.com/leapfrog-your-business/



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