Why So Serious?

Sure there are things you need to take care of.

Money in the bank, food on the table.

Jobs to do, changes to make, fix a broken relationship or emotional world.

But, why so serious?

No matter what the situation is, I assure you it won’t get any better if you go and get all serious about it.

Furrowed brows NEVER solved anything.

Yes, there’s wars and there’s famine, and politics is a total quagmire, but:

Why so serious?

Can you change anything by being serious and downcast about all the wrongs in the world?

Of course you can’t, so why so serious?

Oh I know there are people who have wronged you, and for some of you life might be REALLY tough right now.

But why so serious?

Does anything get resolved if you get more serious about it?

Does anything positive come from being serious?

Nah, course not.

The only thing that happens as a consequence of being serious is that you break your mood.

And that’s no good for you, or for your results or your relationships or indeed you life in general.

You deserve better than that.

And so does the world around you.

So I ask you:

Why so serious?

If you happen to struggle with being overly serious and downcast, make this your mantra:

Why so serious?

And whatever answer or justification your mind comes up with, counter with the same question:

Why so serious?

Keep that up long enough, and you’ll find you run out of excuses for being serious.

And when that moment comes, you get to move forward into taking action, and solving whatever problem lies in your power to solve.



Also published on Medium.

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