Why Sending Daily Emails Gets Me High Open Rates, Traffic, and Fanmail

If you’ve been a subscriber here for any length of time, you’ve probably been surprised at the nearly daily emails I’m sending lately.

And before anything else: I do hope it’s not too much for you.

If you do feel that it’s too often, or if you don’t feel my thoughts are worth your time, feel free to opt out at the bottom of the page. (Hope you don’t though).

Today on my Mastermind call I was asked why I mail so often these days.

Am I not worried that people will find it too much? Shouldn’t I schedule them and spread them out over several weeks, so my writing gets me more mileage?

Reasonable questions, but I decided to take this approach for a specific reason.

And yes, it’s cost me subscribers. Since I started this almost daily writing and mailing, I’ve lost about 15% of my list.

Not even all that bad, especially since this list has been pretty much dormant for two years.

Since clearing that up, nobody has left, in fact I get a consistent open rate just under 30%.

And actually, I’m happy when people leave my list.


Because I have something to say about things like business, people, sales and happiness

And, I happen to believe that for certain people, the things I write can improve their business and their lives.

And I have a LOT to say. I could talk for hours on end about running a healthy business and I frequently do, much to the annoyance of people in my vicinity.

All of it stuff that just might help someone.

So logically, I want to say it to people who might possibly benefit, and who are those?

The people who want to hear from me. Sure hope that includes you

But if someone isn’t happy to see my little emails in their inbox, it means I waste their time, and they should leave.

My intention with these emails is to help, not to bother anyone. If someone isn’t interested it won’t help and they won’t benefit from it.

So there you have it: Daily emails from Single Malt Copy, hope you like ‘em, and I certainly hope they help.

What also helps is high-octane salescopy for your website.
There: http://www.martinstellar.com/copywriting-services/

Meanwhile, I’d be thrilled if you want to hit reply and tell me what you think of these emails lately.

Any questions, opinions, anything you’d like me to write about?

Let me know…

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