Why My First Ever Client Will Never Go Anywhere

Recently I worked on a client project with an incredibly smart User Experience (UX) expert.

We fell in love with each other’s work, and a few weeks later she ordered some copy from me.

During the briefing process, she told me one of THE most important notions in business:

To the end user or customer, the user experience IS the product

There is so much truth in it, it’s staggering.

You can apply the principle to every aspect of your business, from your website all the way to the fountain pen your client signs a contract with.

You’ll have heard about the difference between features and benefits, but user experience is probably even more important.

Now, people don’t consciously make purchase decisions based on user experience.

Having said that, you can bet your bottom dollar (literally) that a broken user experience is a fantastically effective sales killer.

If your contact form is broken… they’re gone.

If your site navigation is confusing… they’re gone.

If it’s not instantly clear what you offer and why it’s of benefit… they’re gone.

If your staff isn’t friendly on the phone… they’re gone.

If you’re pushy in your sales strategy…. they’re gone.

If you don’t honour your guarantee policy – they’re gone.

And so on and so forth.

Make it fun for people, make it easy and transparent. Facilitate the sale, don’t hinder it

Quite unlike my first ever copywriting client.

We had been working on his site copy for a while, when at some point I said: “All the new copy I created will work, but there are a few points where your site’s user experience could be improved.”

His reply: “User experience, schmoozer experience. They should just buy and use the software. It works.”

No surprise that – sadly – his business hasn’t grown in the last three years.

Also no surprise I stopped working with him very soon after he shared that opinion with me.

After all, if someone is that clueless, he’ll never advance his business.

And I’m not interested in working with clueless people. I only want people who are going places. People who have a plan, an ambition, a drive, and a bright future ahead of them.

If that’s you, you can go here to get your copy from me.

But it will only work if you ‘get’ it.


The user experience IS the product.

Talk soon,


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