Who's Running Your Shop Anyway?

You’ll have seen me write about the importance – nay, the need – of starting your day with a simple, small activity that’s only for you and you only.

It literally transforms your days, when you being begin by doing something that makes you feel good and that yes, you deserve.

Now let’s take that a step further: Let’s look at the start of your day.

Most people, and for many years I did the same, start their day by opening their email inbox.

That right there is the most destructive start of your day you can have.

Sure, you want to know if that job got confirmed.

If the files were sent back.

If that payment came through.

Whether or not that link got retweeted, that update got Liked.

Hell, you want to know if someone said anything nice to you, to begin with.

But all that info will not go away: once it’s in your inbox, what really is the rush in checking it, first thing you get to work?

I’ll tell you what: your addiction.

The habit that crept in over the years, the one that forces you to check and check and check k again, compulsively.

What is it that you’re addicted to, you may ask?

Other people’s agenda, is what.

If it’s a client, they want you to start the job.

If it’s a retweet, it’s because that person wants to be on your radar.

All the time, somebody who wants something from you, and inbox full with other people’s agendas.

But listen, you’re an entrepreneur, you have your own agenda.

Why would you let other people run that show?

It’s you, your work, your mind, your day – that’s what matters.

Because when you take proper care of those things, you can serve those who want something from you so much better.

Yes, taking care of number one.

How else will you survive?

Like I wrote in LEAP #1: you always put your own oxygen mask on first when your plane loses cabin pressure – if you don’t, your toddler survives and you suffocate.

Which would be very self-sacrificing.

Stupid too.

So what then is the first thing you should do with your working day?

Well, one thing is to write a daily email, because that’s what builds relationships and gets you sales.

But if you don’t write daily emails, there’s tons of other things you can do.

Just so long as it’s an activity that you know contributes to your marketing, your visibility, and your sales.

So that you can stop doing busywork and ultimately focus

Fix things on your site.

Or maybe a daily 30 minutes writing a new salespage.

Studying a new marketing method (like email marketing, never a bad idea).

Anything, really, as long as its in your own interest and to your own benefit.

Not those of other people, no matter how much you love your customers (and well you should(

Take care of yourself first.

Your inbox can wait.

Scary stuff, no?

Not really.

Try it.

Do it for a week and see how your days go.

And let me know how it works out for you.

Alrighty, tomorrow is the last day to get access to LEAP #6, which is going to be rife, stocked, chockfull of exactly this kind of wholesome, mind-healthy tips and tools and strategies.

You’ll learn how small little steps, incremental changes, and very smart mindset shifts give you enormous strength, focus, productivity and bounce back resilience.

But, only if you’re brave enough to actually make the changes that will lead to your success.

Is that you?

Then get it here –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/

Tickity tockity…



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