Who You Know and What You Know Aren't as Important as HOW YOU are Known

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A subscriber writes in with a question:
Is it really who you know, not what you know when it comes to getting ahead? Is it a closed door policy or open? I have been at this art career professionally for 10 years (mind you, I have carried two children, did the tree change and bought a family business within those years) but I have yet to really be ‘seen’. I have finally secured 2 great solo shows in regional art galleries and we are off to Italy next year for an artist residency but I’m still feeling challenged by the Australian bourgeoisie ‘art society’. My aim is to secure a professional, commercial Sydney art gallery but I seem to be invisible.Really great question too, but unfortunately it isn’t relevant.

That is to say: it’s not in your control who you know – you can reach out all you like, but in the end it’s not up to you which influencers pay attention to you.

And what you know, well that gives you no prediction of how far you can go.

What you can control however is how people know you.
In other words: your brand, your personality, your perceived value as a provider – what you’re about, why you would matter to a buyer.

That part, you can completely control. That’s the part you own, and that’s the only thing you need to concern yourself with.

If you seem to be invisible, there’s something missing in the ‘you’ that you want to be visible.

Could be down to presentation, could be you’ve not highlighted a key distinguishing  aspect, maybe (the most common) there’s a degree of shyness… could be anything.

What people know about you, how you’re known, the things you stand for – that’s the first and most important thing.

The rest follows after that – once you have your identity and brand defined, you’ll find it much easier to connect with the kind of people you’d like to know.

And they’ll take an interest in what you know.

But don’t put the horse before the cart: Your presentation comes first. Always.

And obviously, what better way to personalise your branding and establish your identity and values with some
stellar copywriting?

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