Who Do You Want to Be?

I don’t mean when you grow up, but: today, tomorrow, this week, three months from now?

Who do you want to be, in your business and your life?

See, we all have this image of ourselves.

We’re a business owner, a mother, a cyclist, an artist, a good cook, a loving son – all kinds of personas we identify with.

And we all have aspirations of how we want ourselves, and our lives and results, to be in the future.

But if your ideal image is just a better version of yourself, you’re playing small.

That’s not wrong, but where’s the fun in it?

Where’s the real growth?

Point in case: for the longest time, I wanted the next version of myself to be ‘more productive, less prone to procrastinate’.

A worthy goal, right?

Even signed up to an accountability programme for it, but never really made a big change.

But this summer I’ve been doing a ton of homework and reflection – on myself, my ideal client, and my business model.

And gradually, I shifted the goal ‘a more successful and productive self-employed coach’ to ‘a business owner, an executive coach, with a team and a scalable business model’.

And guess what? These days I execute on my tasks like never before. I organise myself and my projects, and procrastination… what procrastination?

Because for the owner of a business, these things are a given. Otherwise, you don’t grow your business.

So by identifying not with an improved version of myself but a significantly upgraded version, a much higher level kind of identity, I entirely bypassed the issue of execution and productivity.

To butcher one of Carl Jung’s quotes: the sign of a life well lived, is to work on the big problems.

Not being productive, or procrastinating, those are not a big problems. That can have big consequences, but in itself they’re lower level problems.

So when I ask ‘who do you want to be?’, I’m inviting you to reflect on the biggest ‘problem’ you could ever work on:

What’s the identity, the the highest level of self-view that you want to embody?

As always: what big-boy suit do you want to wear?



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