When You're Green You Grown, When You're Ripe You Rot. Choose Which

School’s not ever out, you know.

Not if you want to go places.

Erika Napoletana said it nicely, a few years back:

Something to the effect that if the economy is hurting you, you need to add a new skillset.

I mentioned it to a friend at the time, a single mother social media manager with two or three kids. (I can never keep track of offspring, probably because I don’t have any.)

And no, sorry, I don’t want any. Maybe if you ask the next Stellar.

Told my friend:

“There’s lots to learn you know, you can follow any online course you want, and it’ll help.”

Retorted she: “I don’t need no stinking course – I need more clients and more money coming in.”

Upon which she went back to Flakebook to whinge about how bad her clients were, how empty her bank account, and how bad the economy.

Yes, I know.

So in my best Dr. House impersonation: Idiots!

You’re not like that – are you?

Good, good to hear.

So, here’s a skillset for you to learn: becoming a proficient email marketer.

Yes, I have a course for that which you can buy.

But if you’re smart, and a self starter, and you know how to apply yourself and a little discipline, you can do it on your own too.

Just do it. Seriously.

Here’s my 30-day challenge for you:

Each day, reserve the first 30 minutes of your day for an email draft.

Don’t worry about content, or quality, or messaging: just write, as fast a you can.

Write anything.

We’re just practicing here, just doing reps.

Training the writing muscle.

Write “Write” over and over again if you can’t get started, until other words come up, and you’re off to the races.

Once a week, take the one that’s most fun and most useful, and finish it up and send to your list.

Good chance that before the month is out, you’ll have trained your writing muscle to the point that you’ll be sending more than just one of the daily drafts.

Keep LEAP rule #1 in mind though: make it fun. Enjoy it, write something that makes you smile.

If you don’t enjoy writing it, nobody will enjoy reading it, so focus on fun.







Meanwhile, here’s where you can get my personal and direct help if you’re seriously serious about learning and expanding your mind –> http://martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/



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