When You Should Not Hire a Copywriter

Lots of people – a scary amount, in fact – start looking for a copywriter when everything else is ready.

New site design is pretty much done, adword campaign ready to launch, product ready to sell – oh yeah, we still need some copy.

When requests like that reach me, I usually flat-out turn them down.

Not because I’m haughty, but because it shows a fundamental flaw in thinking on the part of those people.

Think about it: The copywriter is the guy in your marketing mix who knows best who your clients are.

He’s the guy who will get so dang familiar with your demographic that he’ll practically be your customer.

Your copywriter will research your market so profoundly, he’ll end up knowing more about your buyers than you do.

So ask yourself: If you want to sell lots and have a healthy business, wouldn’t you want that guy to be with you every step of the way, right from the start?

I know I would.

That’s why I’m so hesitant to join in at the end. If a client didn’t start with this insight, he overlooked something really important in his marketing.

That means he might have overlooked other things as well.

And some mistakes, well you can’t fix them with copy, no matter how good.

I much prefer to work with people who want me involved, right from the start.

Who ask me questions, who use my help in building the healthiest possible business.

I mean, I didn’t spend all these years filling my brain with business and persuasion chops just to let it idle away.

Take advantage. Get your copywriter early, and benefit from his business and marketing smarts.

If he’s good, he’ll be more than happy to help. After all, your success is in his best interest: If you turn a good
profit, you’re likely to come back for more copy.

Anyway, if you’ve been thinking about amping up your business with new copy, RIGHT NOW is the best time to start. Right now too. And now — you get the picture.

Ready? Here, now: http://martinstellar.com/copywriting-services/



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