When Will You Stop Throwing Spaghetti at Your Paintings?

Most marketing efforts amount to little more than experiments and tests.

You throw some spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks.

If it doesn’t, well then you try something else.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that this not likely to lead to success.

Or indeed, sales.

Not to say that I can cast stones – I too have been dreadfully unorganised.

But along the way I learned some important things, one of which the fact that it’s simply ineffective to try tactics if you don’t have a strategy.

Now I’m not a fan of war, so don’t get me wrong for using the words strategy and tactic.

Besides, the use of tactics vs strategy applies to to all kinds of things.

Even to art, in fact.

You might have a fantastic talent for colour or handling a brush – those would be your tactics.

But you also need to have a vision for the painting, the composition. That’s your strategy.

And in all things in life, tactics by themselves are hardly useful.

They are part of an overall strategy, and it’s the combination of the two that gives you a way to succeed.

As an artist-entrepreneur, you also need a strategy: become visible, build a list, communicate with those people.

Within that strategy, you have tactics: real-world exposure, social media activity, press and publicity – whatever the things that work for you.

And each of those tactics need their own strategy.

If you don’t have a plan, a strategy for each of them, you won’t know how to optimise the total composition of tactics.

You won’t be able to measure, test and improve.

For me, the breakthrough came in stages: First, I realised I needed to work on growing my list.

Next, I decided to start a newsletter, and a few months in I realised I want to work exclusively with artists and creatives.

Which brought me back to the question of traffic and list building.

So I decided to use Twitter as my main tactic, and I designed a strategy for it.

And, I’m pretty happy I did.

Within weeks, my following went from 800 or so to 2000.

In fact, I gained 600 followers in just 48 hours last fall.

Nowadays, I don’t seek out followers because people – artists, the people I want to work with  – find me and follow me.

And by and by, my reputation and status grow, and so does my list, bit by bit.

So if you want to know how I did it, let me show you in the next LEAP.

Which, I realise as I’m working on it, applies for a large part to Facebook as well.

So even if you’re not into Twitter that much but you just can’t find a content strategy that words for you on Facebook, the April issue will make you a lot smarter.

Tomorrow’s the last day to sign up in time to get it.

Best not dilly-dally, but learn a strategy.

Get a good one here –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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