When in Doubt, Don't. Do What Matters Most

Today I’m a bit sad.

Or rather, disappointed.

A customer, a painter from Holland, is spending a month in Portugal – pretty much around the corner.

We always got along great, and since Portugal is pretty much around the corner from where I live, I invited her to over.

Initially she agreed, and we made plans to go on a little road trip through the desert.

I was going to show her the magnificent city of Granada

And then she told me that nope, she’s not coming over.

She’s going to stay where she is, holed up in her temporary studio, painting away undisturbed by children and all of the distractions life brings.

And undistracted by Martin.

Good choice, too.

Because for the first time in who knows how long, she’s finally able to get stuff DONE.

From what she writes, it seems she’s never been as productive as she is now.

Taking several days off would mean she breaks the flow, creates less, and since she’s selling her work quite nicely, that would put a dent worth several thousands of dollars in her month.

Obviously I would have loved to meet in real life.

She’s great fun and smart too.

But for her to stay there?

I totally agree that it’s the best thing she could do.

Sometimes, you need to do what’s important.

Sacrifice what’s fun so that you get results.

Other times it’s better to throw caution to the wind and take time off.

Decisions, decisions…

If ever you wonder what choice to make, what would be the right decision, ask yourself this:

If I do this, is it because it’s urgent, or because it’s important?

If it’s urgent, don’t do it.

Do what’s important.

That’ll give you peace of mind, focus, and it’ll do wonders for your productivity.

And you know one thing that’s really – REALLY – important?

Building an audience and communicating with them.

The first part, I’ll show in next month’s LEAP.

And the second, the communicating, I can teach you in a highly personalised, 1 to 1 coaching program, curiously called Starship Mentorprise.

If you can muster up the guts to talk to people (and you’re able to invest the admittedly considerable high price), I’ll show you how to talk in such a way that people love hearing from you, day after day after day.

And, buy from you.

Embark on the Mentorprise right here –> http://martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/


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