When Art Saves Lives (Are You Marketing Yours Yet?)

Can art in fact save lives?

Judging by an email conversation I was having with a reader named Cendrine Marrouat, apparently yes.

This is what she wrote:


Unlike a majority of indie artists, I believe that you can make good, commercial art without selling your soul. And as you said, it’s sorely needed in this day and age.

I still remember the person who emailed me after reading my collection of poetry on death. She had been contemplating suicide for a long time. And then, reading my words triggered a complete U-turn in her life.


How’s that for proving that art must get seen?

Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Must be a beautiful experience, to realise that you made such a difference to a person.

With nothing but something that you created? Wow.

Of course things like that don’t happen every day.

But I believe that each time people see or read or hear your art, something happens.

Something changes, and you just never know what or how or to which extent.

Butterfly effect, and all that.

The point isn’t to save lives, or to be on big and high-falluting missions.

It’s about being aware that art matters, is important, and always has some sort of effect.

Most of the time, you’re not even aware of what happens to the viewer or listener.

But something happens, and that’s why art exists.

And to make those things happen, you were given a talent, an attitude, a view and a style.

They together define what your art is.

And your art makes a difference, no doubt.

Cendrine and her reader were lucky.

What kind of name is that anyway – Cendrine?

Sounds like a rainbow sandwich with a side of bliss. But I digress.

On topic: your gift and talent they’re meant to serve a purpose.

And they can only do that when you get good at becoming visible.

So get out there and make the difference that you want to see in the world, to badly paraphrase Gandhi.

Learn how in the next issue of my art marketing newsletter: http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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