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Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

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What’s He Building in There? (Why All This Mess Might Lead to Awesome Results)

I’ll bet the neighbours said that a lot, back when Steve Jobs was still soldering away at the first ever personal computer.

What’s he building in there…?

A few decades later, and it turns out he built the seed of something rather transformational.

In the last few days I’ve seen tweets saying that a lot of great things were built, while people were isolated from plagues. Don’t quote me as stating facts, but apparently calculus was invented, and Shakespeare did some of his best work… and I’ve seen other examples.

Again, I don’t know facts and I don’t have time to research, but:

While all this crap is happening, things are breaking and people are struggling, there’s also this:

Now that we have technology, and now that everyone is at home…

How many geniuses are out there, with technology at their fingertips, able to communicate with other geniuses…

…quietly tinkering away in their studios or garages, trying to build something that solves problems…

On a global scale, there’s a lot or them. And as the weeks and months go by, we’ll start seeing things come out into the world that could have a huge positive impact on society and even have a positive influence on the actual situation.

Just think: so many people finally free to develop and invent and test and experiment – at a time like ours…

What are they building in there?

What will be the good those things will do?

And while I know it’s my chronic optimism talking, and I’m not naïve enough to think everything will suddenly be fixed, I’m excited to see what comes out of the next few months.

Because it’s no longer about one person in a room inventing calculus, and then sending a letter by horse and ship to a university: we’re now at a time that there’s instant sharing, there’s cross-pollination of ideas, and there’s SO many more geniuses now than 200 or 500 years ago.

And, another thing I’m beginning to observe: silos are being broken. And according to the science of human networks, and observable in scientific history as well as in business and innovation, the more cross-silo interaction there is, the faster things can be developed, and the more transformative they can be.

Meaning: what with the fire that’s been lit under all of us, and all the above ideas, we’re likely to see some exponential results and changes happening.

Just as the damage we’re struggling with is exponential, so will – in my futuristic thinking – be the kind and size of innovation and problem solving.

In other words: there’s not just hope that things will get better again… you might also want to, kind of, hope that surprisingly good things will happen. There’s folks working on awesome solutions, right now. Promise. (Also: support them when you can).

Meanwhile, life goes on, and if you’re in business, so does business.

Unless it doesn’t – so many people unable to sell their product or service at the moment –  in which case I’m building something that might be helpful to you.

It’s a system for turning your own version of genius (or in a more humble way: unique ability, or your intellectual property) into an offer you can sell online, both to existing and new clients.

I hope to have a webinar ready by Friday to explain how it works, for you to implement.

I’ll also offer a guided training at an affordable fee (less than $100), and a 1 on 1 done-with-you option at a higher fee, in case you want to borrow some of my ‘unique ability’.

But if you’re hurting now and you want to see if I can help you create a new revenue centre in your business, feel free to book a short exploration call, to see what you have for people and if I can help you get it into their hands digitally.

Here’s where you can schedule a call:

I’ll do my best to give you a few ideas on how to move forward on your own, or we can discuss how to work together, completely up to you…



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I help nice people sell more

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