What You Want – Not Need: The Best Night's Sleep You've Had in a Long Long Time

Ran into that woman with the dog again yesterday.

Told me she had actually been looking around Google, trying to find a good manual for training a dog, but she couldn’t find anything that fit the bill.

Amazing result: someone actually followed free advice.

No, not because my worldview is wrong: free advice is still, largely and wholesale, undervalued and unused.

The actual reason she went and looked for a training manual is because of ‘pain’.

A dog that doesn’t behave is a major pain – not to mention a potential liability. The critter running across the road because he won’t obey ‘sit’ can cause all kinds of accidents, to name but an example.

Not to mention barking in the house, eating furniture and shoes – it’s a hassle. A dog should behave. Basta.

So I emailed her a copy of the free ebook a client of mine published a few years ago.

It’s for training a German Shepherd and her dog is a different race, but the psychological principles are the same.

Oh yeah, psychology, baby.


But here’s the thing: That girl, she has a problem and a ‘want’ attached to it: she wants a dog that behaves

And that’s not for sale

You can’t download an infoproduct that makes him listen, and neither can you order a pill that does the trick.

The only thing she can obtain is a method for training a dog.

See the problem?

The result she wants is not the same as what she needs.

And people don’t buy what they need – they only buy what they want.


The task you as a business owner are faced with is finding a way to present ‘what they need’ in such a way that people want it

Oh, and you gotta be ethical about it too – no sly tactics and manipulation allowed etc.

She wants a well-behaved dog.

But what she needs is a manual, and a few months of concerted effort training the beast. Lovely beast, by the way.

You could say: “These mattresses are made from 100% natural Amazonian latex rubber-foam, free of pollutants and it adapts perfectly to your body.”

You could also say: “Natural latex mattresses – the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long long time.”

People want a good night’s sleep.

For that they need a good mattress – but that doesn’t get sold talking about features such as composition.

People need to hear the benefits, because it’s benefits that make them buy something.

So this girl now has a pretty good training manual in her inbox.

With that, it’s up to her to put in the time – or not.

And since it’s a lot of hard work, it’s possible she won’t do it. Hard to tell.

Which means it depends on how big that pain becomes.

If that dog gets out of control, her need will eventually become so big that it’ll turn into a want.

Full circle: Unless people want something, nothing is going to happen.

So sell people what they need, wrapped in ‘what they want’

Tricky stuff, no?

Don’t worry: I teach, explain, demonstrate and elucidate all this, and more, in my mentorship program.

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