What You Absolutely Must Have to Get People to Sign Up to Your List

Ah yes, ye olde dilemma:

You have decided to start using email marketing, because that’s just how smart you are.

But, your list is small… so how do you get more people to sign up?

After all, it’s a brilliant idea to send emails, but you do need to have people receiving them.

So over the next few days, I’ll be sending you tips and strategies on how to get people to sign up.
The first thing you need (and yes, you do absolutely need it) is an optin incentive.

Also called lead magnet, ethical bribe or freebie.

I see so many artists who don’t have one, who only ask for the email address, but without giving something in return.

And it’s that giving aspect that makes your list building work.

Part of the reason is what’s called reciprocity: the human tendency to reciprocate when someone does you a favour.

So when you offer something of value, for free, it’s more likely that a visitor will sign up.

In other words, it’s more probable that they’ll give you their email address, if you give them something in return.

But what should your freebie actually… be?


Ideally, it’s something that has a low cost to you, and a definite value to your site visitors.

And really, the sky is the limit – anything can work.

– A set of images of your work – to print, or use as screensaver…

– Ready-to-print postcards…

– MP3’s of your music…

– A free skype call, if your work is related to therapy or self-improvement or healing trauma…

– A resource guide for buying art, or lighting, or framing…

– A ‘picture book’ PDF that shows your artistic journey and evolution

– An illustrated story, if writing is your thing…

It can be anything you like, so long as it’s related to your work and clearly valuable to your ideal audience.

Some people think it’s not necessary, that the art speaks for itself, but I don’t agree.

Yes your art does speak for itself, but it’s a simple proven fact that some sort of freebie will increase your optin rate.

So, you know, make one and offer it to people.

Simply asking ‘Sign up to my newsletter’ isn’t going to hack it, sorry.

You already have something you give people for signing up?

Cool – hit reply, let me know what optin freebie you have…



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