What To Do When You Don't Have a Sales Gift

That was one of the answers in the survey last month:

“I don’t have a sales gift”.

Let me tell you a secret: neither do I.

And I don’t think a lot of people do.

Sure, some people have the gift of gab, a minimal dose of ethics, and a pushy nature.

That combined you could call a sales gift.

But for most people, the ability to sell is a matter of learning, of training, and practice.

I, for example, don’t have a ‘gift’ for selling.

But I’ve become good at it over the years because I took the time to learn how things work.

What makes people tick.

I’ve spent decades studying psychology – first in a monastery, where you get shown psychology 24/7, and later by reading books and blogs and what have you.

And, most importantly: I learned to really listen.

Because that’s half, if not more, of making a sale: paying really close attention to people.

Here’s another little secret:

If you really focus in on the other person, if you ask the right questions and give them the opportunity to talk freely, they themselves will tell you how they want to be sold to.

And the curious thing is that once you get that right, it stops being ‘selling’ and becomes a way to facilitate the decision process.

Suddenly, selling becomes fun and effortless.


No amount of persuasion or pushiness or sly and conniving tactics are as important as listening.

And if you listen, and you hear “That’s too expensive”?

Then that tells you something very useful, namely that you aren’t right for them.

And with that, you can stop wasting your time on those people, and go hunt for the ones that do value your work.

One way to do that is by explaining strategically why you do what you do.

Get that right, and you’ll see people – the right kind of people – take delight in buying from you when you ask for the sale.

And that way, you make a profit.

Fun and easy marketing in a nutshell: You Listen, then you Explain, next you Ask, and that’s followed by Profit.

Otherwise known as the LEAP marketing principle.

Get yours here, if you dare –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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