What to Do When Life Gets in the Way

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

It’s a lovely Monday, you’re rested and up early, and you’re raring to get to work.

Maybe start a new painting, or write your artist’s statement, or finally make those tweaks to your website…

You’ve just mixed your paint/fired up your computer, and then life happens.

First, the phone rings: your sister is having problems with her husband and really needs to talk to you.

Two hours later you get off the phone, only to see your husband coming home from work early.

Acting as if he has been beset by the plague and only has a few days left.

Diagnosis: man-flu.

You brew him some chicken soup and finally head back to your studio.

Right then, the doorbell: your neighbour holding a grass-stained, torn, and very expensive-looking dress.

That dog again, that damn dog.

Neighbour appeased, compensated and gone, you look at the clock:

3PM. You wonder if it even makes sense to get back to work, and after a half-hearted half hour, you figure you might as well call it quits.

Those groceries ain’t gonna be buying themselves.

Meanwhile, from the bedroom you hear your husband coughing what sounds like death-throes that would make the best Shakespeare actor jealous.

Something similar happened to me over the weekend.

Not that I have a husband, or a wife, and neither did I have man-flu.

What? It was a real bad cold! Sheesh.

But between having my mother over from Holland, working on a friend’s website, and an event at the La Conca arts club, I just couldn’t get my work done.

Which means you still don’t know why I’m throwing out a stupid cheap special offer.

Working on it now, stay tuned for more info.

Meanwhile: it’s the deal where you get me to rewrite a page for you, as well as a custom site optimisation report.

About that: I said you need to have some traffic coming into your site, and someone wrote back ‘It ain’t for me, I only get 30 people a day’.

Ah but, that’s terrific, see.

30 a day isn’t world-shocking, but it’s 900 visits a month.

If you get better copy, and optimise your site, you could end up with anywhere from 10 to 100 signups per month.

Of course that depends on the source and quality of your traffic, but I’ll bet you see more conversion than you do now, if you let me loose on your site.

And this is the answer to what to do when life gets in the way:

You prepare yourself beforehand, so that when things go wrong, your business keeps on rolling.

Having your site optimised for conversion means that you keep building your list (and therefore your business), even if you’re on time-out.

More details later today, but for now: hit reply if you’re getting traffic, and you want it to convert.



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