What Maya Angelou Can Tell You About Marketing Your Art

Art is fantastic, it’s marvellous – a true gift to the world.

You, with the way you translate an inner state into something that can be seen, heard, or felt…

…have the ability to transfer something, some part of that inner state, into the experience of another person.

And in many – if not all – cases, that’s a beautiful, inspiring and uplifting exchange.

I really admire that in artists.

You guys, you have the ability to make someone feel a certain way.

I have my writing, which does a similar thing, but there are times I yearn for the ability to draw Something That Speaks.

Ah well. Different vibes for different tribes.


Yesterday I came across a quote by Maya Angelou, who sadly passed away last year.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

And that right there is the crux to successfully marketing your art.

It’s the difference between the starving artist and the one who finds buyers over and over again.

See, with your art you give people a particular feeling.

But if you add *yourself* into the mix, meaning if you allow people a look into your inner world, you amplify that emotional response enormously.

It’s one of the reasons stories are so important: they too trigger an emotional response in people.

But even more powerful than the story itself is the person telling that story.

Don’t underestimate that.

When you show some skin, when you’re able to let people live vicariously through you, they’ll resonate with you.

Not everyone – but those who do like your art, your stories and yes, your personality…

They’ll never forget how you made them feel.

And that helps them like you more, and over time that translates very simply into more art sold.

This is precisely why writing emails is such a powerful strategy.

Once you get into the habit, spend a few weeks doing it, people will react with messages like:

“It’s weird, I feel like I know you”.

And once you reach that stage, you know that your readership – your audience – has started to bond with you.

And you’ll know that you’re doing it right, and that they’ll remember you.

In the end? They’ll buy from you too.

If you want to learn insider secrets for writing the type of email that people want to read every day…

…That they look forward to…

The kind that makes them write in and say: “What’s up, you didn’t write today?” when you skip a day…

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