What Matters?

It’s easy to think that money matters, or productivity, or focus or relationships or marketing or sales.

And sure, they’re not irrelevant.

But they’re all outcomes. They’re the result of preconditions.

Productivity becomes easier when you optimise your surroundings and organise your projects and todo lists.

Money comes to you more easily if you get better at marketing and selling.

Relationships become better and more rewarding when you invest time in them.

Like I said: preconditions make for better outcomes.

And as you know, outcomes are the result of decisions (the ones you made, and those you didn’t make – where not making a decision is often also a decision. Ostrich politics, essentially).

And the one precondition that globally, holistically, makes every possible goal or outcome easier?


Especially clarity on what matters most.

Insight into what action will drive the most results.

But getting clarity is often the one thing we skip over.

We tend to just pick something that seems like a good idea, and then we get started.

Before long we notice that the results are taking too long, signups are too few, potential clients too often say no, and we get frustrated and start to procrastinate.

Something that could be remedied easily by first, before anything else, taking some time to think, contemplate and ideate.

Do that and you’ll find clarity, which then makes whatever action you take far more likely to get you the outcomes you want.

Oh sure, you already know this. I’m preaching to the choir.


But, are you DOING it?

Do you actually set time aside, to find that clarity you need?

Sit yourself down, pen in hand, to journal through a question and thought process that gets you that clarity?

Because in my experience, spending just 20 minutes a day writing, every day, is the single best way to create insight and clarity into what matters most.

Have you tried?

And if you have, has it changed anything for you?



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