What if You’re Already Ready?

We weren’t ready.

We hadn’t rehearsed in weeks.

We still had a problem ending the songs properly, and at the same time.

And many of the tracks we played, we just didn’t sound together. You know that feeling, when a band is just tight? We’d never really gotten there, yet. Not consistently.

But somehow, last Thursday, we were booked in for a performance at a local bar.

So what’s a band of funky musicians to do… turn down the gig?

Nah, not us.

Even if we’d never performed together before.

Even if, since starting the band, we only had some 10 or 12 rehearsals behind us.

Of course you can wait until everything is perfect. Rehearse until you can play the songs in your dreams.

Or, you can just get up on stage, and rise to the occasion.

Which is what we did last Saturday, and wouldn’t you know:

The crowd (small crowd, but still) loved us.

We ended all the tracks properly, and yes: at the same time.

And we sounded tight. Together. People even commented on how well we worked together.

So yeah, your friendly funky monk played a little show, and much fun was had by all.

The lesson?

There’s a difference between being prepared, and being ready.

That big thing you want to get started, that phone call you want to make to an influential person… that followup call that’s waiting to happen, the article you want to submit to Huffington Post, that video you recorded but haven’t published yet…

What if you just run with it, knowing that while you might not be fully ready – at least you’re prepared?

Because the dirty little secret of performance (be it musically, as a speaker, as a seller or as any other kind of professional) is that you’ll never be ‘ready’.

Never as ready as you’ll be after launching, or after your next experience.

‘Ready’ is a moving target. The more experience you get under your belt, the more ready you’ll be.

So, what if today you call yourself ‘ready enough’ and just do the thing you’ve been putting off?



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