What If You Just Ask?

People get so hung up on the selling thing.

Psychological resistance, self-value considerations, fear of looking pushy…

And a therapist could have a field day working through it all with you, but really selling is nothing very special.

It’s a person to person thing. Two people trying to figure out a way forward – or not, as the case may be.

What’s more human and natural than talking to someone, and helping them make a decision?

And as for that ‘looking pushy’ thing:


Just ask people. Like:

“Would it make sense to talk again next week?”

“Is it useful to you if I remind you in a month?”

“Is this a good time to talk about what it would look like to work together?”

“Sounds like solving that problem would have a big impact on your business/life. Should we look at ways I might be able to help you?”

“Given what you’ve told me about the problem and you agree that my thing will help, is this a moment where you feel that now is the time to solve the problem?”

See, you don’t need to force, or push, or anything.

Everything gets easier when you ask.

Ask for permission, ask for insight, ask for info… and yes, when appropriate: ask for the sale.

No pushing, just a question.

You’ll be surprised how well people respond – especially if you handle your sales conversations the way I teach.

Where and how? In a 10-week live 1on1 training via Zoom.

For a limited time, this is available at the pilot price of $1000.

This is a rare opportunity: a personal training session weekly, and direct email access to me throughout,

Plus, of course, the kind of homework that will cause a massive shift in how you handle selling.

And yes: you’ll learn a ton about how to ask the kind of question that makes a buyer want to enroll themselves.

So, a question: is this a good time for you to upgrade your selling skills?



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