What I Won’t Do For You

One of my hobbies is repairing things. It’s fun, and I’m good at it.

I’ve repaired stuff all my life.

But as a coach, I don’t get to use that skill.

For one thing, because I don’t believe that people are broken and need fixing. So all the inner work you do with a coach, there’s nothing that needs to be fixed to begin with.

And as for things in your life or business that need to change, or are broken or need fixing or that you want to improve, I don’t do that for you either.

It’s just not what a coach should do.

Whatever you might want to fix in your life or your business, it’s not anybody’s job to do it for you.

In fact, you don’t need anybody. You already have the answers, the resilience, the creativity, all waiting for you to tap into.

You are enough, to create and make and repair and have what you want.

And what you’re lacking, you’ll collect by and by, as you go through life.

So then, what good is a coach?

To make you feel good about yourself? To tell you to ‘just follow your passion’ and motivate you?


A coach is a facilitator. Someone who is there to help you get faster, deeper access to your own inner resources.

Which I guarantee are enormous, and probably FAR bigger than you could possibly imagine.

Human beings are insanely resourceful.

Trick is to get yourself access to those resources.

And if you find that difficult, THAT’s when you talk to a coach, who will help you clear away the obstacles so that you can live with your highest available resources and creativity.

Just holler when you’re ready for the the discovery, and we’ll talk…



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