What I Want for You, and What That Might Look Like

It’s a delicate thing, when you’re in business and values matter to you: yes you want to sign on a new client, but you don’t want to seem needy, or greedy, or pushy.

And yet: unless you sell, you don’t get to have an impact, so something’s got to give. But values of course won’t ‘give’ – those are immutable and non-violable.

And so one of the biggest dilemmas for ethical people, is that while we want to give, help, and serve, we’d never want to make the impression that we ‘want something’ from the other person.

So here’s how I would flip that around, because it’s never about what I want from you.

Instead, it’s about what I want FOR you:

I want for you to grow, achieve, succeed.

I want for your people to be touched by your work.

I want for you to have impact, and a thriving abundant life as a result.

Thing is, I don’t know what any of that looks like for you. Do you want to scale? Grow? Move fast? Work in sprints, or marathons?

Do you want high visibility and the rewards that come with it, or are you more the slow-burn type of entrepreneur?

And what about money? What kind of returns do you want, what sort of personal income, what type and levels of investments do you want to make?

And yes, I know: it’s not about the money – same here. Money is just a nice reward, and a way to measure impact.

It’s not the only measure, but it’s damn useful because it keeps a company going.

So one of the things I want for you, is to enroll more buyers.

And I’d love for you to have fun doing it, knowing that you’re strengthening your company without ever having to go against your values.

Instead, you’d be enrolling people with ease, and really enjoying it.

Yeah… that would be awesome… I can see it now! :)

Let’s schedule a short video call, and see how I could help you make the above real?



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