What? How DARE You Judge That Baby!

When a child is born, there’s no possible way you can know how he or she is going to turn out.

She could become a writer, a painter – a sinner, or a saint – or just your average, regular friendly person.

Anything is possible.

How can you tell, at the start?

You can’t: there’s just no telling.

It all depends on how you bring it up, the experiences it has as it goes through life.

And nobody – NOBODY in his right mind would say: “Yeah this one, that’s rotten fruit. Better drown it before it causes any mayhem”.

And yet, you (yes, you too) do exactly that with the fruits of your mind, the babies that spring from your creativity.

I realised this yesterday, on a call with a mentorship customer.

“How do I come up with fresh ideas for my emails? Some ideas come to me and at first they seem good, but then when I actually sit down, get to work on writing it out, they’re no good at all.”

That right there, that’s killing a baby – and nope, you shouldn’t.

You just can’t decide that it’ll be good or not, not until you actually start writing the piece and see how it develops.

If your creative mind throws a concept, and idea at you, the worst thing you could do is let your rational mind get in the way and get judgmental on it.

Hm: Judgmental. Judging is mental. Never thought of that before.


Just start writing it, step away from mind, and let the writing flow. See where it goes…

Very often, you just might come away surprised, so long as you don’t judge and condemn the idea offhand.

Let the babies live!

(Said he who doesn’t even want to be a father). But stlil.

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