What Game Are You Playing?

Sometimes, when I’m asked to advise on practical business things, like marketing strategies etc, I get the question:

“So it’s a number’s game?”

Would make sense to think that.

Between your list subscribers, social media numbers, open rates and potential buyers and previous buyers and what have you, there’s a lot of maths going on.

But business isn’t a numbers game.

It’s a people game.

Because no sale ever happens outside of a conversation.

And what do you have conversations with?

With people, of course.

Because as it turns out, cats and dogs don’t buy things. I’ve tried.

So your mission and task is to have as many conversations with people as you possibly can.

The numbers, they represent people.

And every day, you get a new chance to have a new conversation – with a new person or with someone you’ve already been in touch with.

Of course there are things you can automate, and you ought to.

For example, it would be pretty silly for me to send my daily tips one by one.

So I write it once, and Mailchimp ships out the message to all my readers.

Now you might think that this is not conversation, since I’m sending and you may have never replied to me.

(Which you might want to do, if you want to have a conversation about how to grow your business and your wellbeing).

Yes, sending an email is one-sided.

But here’s the thing: every email I send is in essence an invitation to connect with me, to reply, to ask me a question or give me some feedback.

When that happens, the one-sided conversation turns into dialogue.

And that dialogue, that connecting with another person, is the foundation of relationships and relationships lead to sales.

It’s more than likely that today someone will reply to this email.

Heck, it might even be you.

And even if nobody replies, I’ll send another email with another tip and another invitation tomorrow.

Because I wouldn’t have a business if I didn’t connect and converse with people.

So if you want bigger results, more sales, and a bigger audience, you could do worse than to find ways to have more conversations.

So… shall we talk?



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