What Do You Do?

It’s one of the hardest questions to answer for most any business owner.

In far too many cases, the answer is ‘I am a designer’ or ‘I’m a consultant’ or ‘I’m a personal coach’ – but that’s not an answer to the question.

They’re asking what you *do*, not how you identify or label yourself.

Now you might be ahead of that curve, and say something like ‘I build websites’ or ‘I coach female business owners’ or ‘I help artists build a business’, and that’s a lot better, but it’s not best.

Best, for the question ‘what do you do?’ is to give a statement that says what you do, AND why that’s something the questioner either will or won’t be curious and excited about.

‘What do you do’ is an opportunity to give a little pitch – and no, not in the sense of trying to sell someone right then and there, but to pitch the person on why you’re different, what your unique ability is, and above all: what specific benefit you deliver for your clients.


‘I teach heart-centered entrepreneurs how to rock social media and build a loyal, profitable following’.

‘I coach female IT entrepreneurs on how to become an in-demand thought leader in their niche’.

‘I help social enterpreneurs raise seed capital, so that they can go from kitchen-table startup to enterprise with impact, faster than by building everything up manually’.

You see the pattern?

It’s always ‘I do [this specific thing] for [this specific kind of person/company].

That’s how you answer the question ‘what do you do?’

And now, the full disclaimer: it took me years to figure it out for myself, and even now I still sometimes answer by saying what I am, instead of what I do. Last Sunday at my friend’s house, who had friends over. ‘I’m an ethical sales coach’, and I was met with a confused frown. ‘A what?’

What I should have said was, for example:

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, people who are committed to doing good, impactful work, and I take them from ‘Selling sucks’ and ‘I don’t know how to sell myself’ to: ‘This isn’t so bad’ and ‘Selling my work? I got this’.

And on that note: if you are like that – motivated by purpose, on a mission to make something wonderful and meaningful happen in the world and run a profitable business while you’re at it…

…and you do indeed want to land more clients by having service-based sales conversations, I just might be the ethical sales coach to help you.

Want to have a conversation and find out?

Then schedule a call, and let’s chat.

Talk soon…


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