What an Ex-Monk Can Tell You About 'Paying the Price'

Yesterday I told you that when someone pays a high price, they are more likely to benefit from their purchase.

Aside from the research that backs it up, I can also tell you from experience that it’s true.

When I went into the monastery, it was all fun and games. There weren’t many rules at that stage: I was a novice there so all that was required of me was to attend the meditation, be kind, and show respect.

Not very difficult.

After a few years though, I wanted to commit on a deeper level: I wanted to take the vows, and bcome an actual monk.

And those vows, that was a ‘ho bunch of severe restrictions.

Celibacy, poverty, obedience, 7 rituals a day – it was a lot.

And it meant I had to basically give up my normal life, and dedicate my every minute to the common goal.

A tough choice to make, as I’m sure you’ll understand.

But at some point I decided that it was what I wanted, and I gave up everything I had.

Autonomy, individuality, friends, family, money, sex – all gone.

A very high price to pay.

And I must say that to this day I’m grateful and happy that when I resurfaced, my closest and dearest friends were still there for me.

But to the point: by deciding to pay the highest possible price – my life as I knew it – the result was that over time many changes happened to me.

I look back at Martin, age 19, and I see that it’s been extraordinarily beneficial to my life, my mind and my well-being.

I became, literally, a customer of change: I paid the price, and received the transformation.

The reason this matters for you, your business and your prices:

If you take a deep breath, and you raise your rates, you’re doing everybody a favour.

Yourself, because you’ll finally earn what you deserve.

Your prospects, because you’ll filter out people who would buy at a lower rate and who would very likely not be completely satisfied.

And your buyers, because they will be the ones who really – REALLY – want what you offer.

And if someone really wants something, to the point they’re willing to pay a high price for it, they are bound to be happy and satisfied.

The psychology of pricing, in a nutshell.

Today I’m starting LEAP #7, in which I will crack that nut wide open for you, and give you the tools, the mindset, and the exact words you can use to raise your own prices.

She goes to the printer’s in a few days from now, so sign up here if you want to finally earn what you deserve –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/


Some former monk

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