Weapons of Mess Destruction

Your attic fills till the floor sags.

Your todo list grows until it looks like it will implode under its own weight.

Your projects, plans, fomo-triggered experiments, ‘great ideas’ and must-watch webinars pile up until you feel overwhelmed, stressed and confused.

The number of different tactics you’re using to try and grow your business spread you thin and the total impact of your efforts goes down.

All this and more, an ongoing accretion of *stuff* in your life.

The ongoing entropy we can’t escape.

But, we can end it.

Provided we use what I call ‘weapons of mess disruption’.


Elimination. All the items on your todo list that you keep not getting around to, eliminate them and move them to a someday list.

Your attic, garage, office drawers, desk: throw stuff away, or store for later sorting. (but throwing away is usually better).

All the books and webinars and ‘can’t miss’ free trainings that some vendor you can’t afford to not consume: out the window.

Another weapon: saying no.

Demands on your time, clients you don’t love working with, people who nag and complain: say no.

And another one: prioritisation. You can’t have more than one priority, so pick one thing, and work on only that – for an hour, or day, or until done. Then you move on to the next one.

Lack of clarity? Take some time for intelligent reflection, with a notebook and a pen.

One more: Decision. What will you, or won’t you, let into your life?

See the bigger picture here?

It’s about you being the agent, making the decisions, and you creating a context for optimal performance.

Life will throw stuff at you (and marketers as well), but it’s your job to decide what you allow into your life.

If you don’t things become messy, very quickly.

But you have an arsenal of weapons of mess destruction (or tools, if you find ‘weapons’ too aggressive – but tools of mess destruction don’t sound as good).

Anyway, reflection and decision are you strongest tools.

Use ‘em and you’ll see mess turn into clarity.

Does this ring true but you’re not sure what to choose, what to keep, what to eliminate?

Then let’s talk. Helping create clarity and making optimal choices is my job, and I’m here to help.

Blam blam,


Also published on Medium.

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