Water Cuts Stone, Habits Transform the Mind

Today is the official final day of the holiday season here in Spain.

In the next few hours, the great exodus will start: endless lines of cars waiting to inch their way up North, back home.

Me, I cheer.

Finally, the relative ratio of skin to garments will be back to normal.

Not that I know anything about maths, but it’s weird: when summer starts, the number of people in town increases by a large factor, yet the total amount of clothing in town stays more or less the same.

The result is that during July and August, nearly everyone seems to be nearly naked here.

Which, I can tell you, is distracting for a man. Ex monk or no.

That said, I came through this summer unscathed.

While I’ve been led into temptation more than once, I’ve stuck with my resolve.

I’ve categorically ignored and/or refuted any attention given, and I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone.

Action, baby. Action.

Consistent, relentless action.

The result?

Not bad, actually.

A novel in the pipeline, a long term business partnership with my man Jimmy, a newsletter that gets some pretty amazing results and kudos, a handful of podcast recordings waiting to go live…

And that’s without telling you about my secret masterplan, the big one I mentioned back in May.

Yep, this summer has been good so far.

Would never have been possible though, had I gone and whiled away my evenings and my weekends having fun with a chica.

Nope, I decided I wanted to build something, so I took stock of what it would cost me, and said: “That’s worth it, I’ll pay”.

Time, energy, more time.

Little fun, hard work, no nights out, no lassie by me side.

Man I feel good.

Listen, whatever fear you have, whatever insecurity, or old damage, or hangup, or limiting belief – you can change that and you can get rid of it.

Not today, not by magic, but you can start today, right now.

And I guarantee: If you commit to change, and you create a consistent practice out of some small behaviour, you will over time see improvement.

Water cuts stone, given enough time. Billions of drops create a hole. The rock has no choice but to yield.

And whether you believe me or not, your mind works with a similar principle.

If you persistently practice a behaviour, your mind WILL follow suit, and change its patterns.

Take it from an old monk.

Then, take this from said old monk: http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/


Because it’s a fantastic jumpstart manual for writing daily emails.

And guess what, young grasshopper: writing an email a day is one fine example of an action-practice that gets you results, and change.

And, yes, sales.

And more – when I say it’s therapeutic, I mean that. You’ll find out when you start.

You’ll be amazed by the effects.

With my help or without, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

It’s easier with my help included, though.

And today’s the last day for registration, if you want to get your little hands on issue #4: the email marketing special.

Do it.




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