Watch Your Mind: GiGo

We all know that if you put diesel into a petrol engine, the car won’t run.

If you cook with food gone bad, the meal will stink.

If you teach a kid bad morals, he’ll grow up to be a crook.

In other words: if you put garbage into it, what comes out is garbage.

Or in the world of programming: GiGo.

Garbage in, garbage out.

If you write a computer program and you do it badly, it won’t run.

So logical, so very clear to see.

So then, why do we keep putting garbage into our minds?

Why do we keep telling ourselves things that can only produce bad results?

If I keep telling myself ‘I suck, look at what a miserable failure I am’, I program my mind to seek confirmation of that.

Which will make me see and find it all day long.

What’s worse, it’ll program me to create situations that confirm it.

And everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

Whereas, if I keep telling myself ‘I can fix this, I’m creative and I like solving problems’, I suddenly open up a world of creative problem-solving.

What you put into your mind, is what comes out.

And the most perniciously destructive things to tell yourself?


Whether you judge others, you are 100% guaranteed to stay stuck.


Because when you judge others, you fail to do the most important thing in life:

Looking at yourself.

They do this! They are that! He is a such and so! She’s a whatever!

Mhm, you might be right.

But when you’re looking at others, you’re not looking at yourself.

And that, looking at yourself, and developing self-awareness, is the single most powerful and beneficial thing you can do for yourself.

So pay attention to the way you think about others.

Don’t feed your mind with garbage, and remember that each time you judge someone else, you’re not getting to know thyself.

If this rings true with you, and you’re ready and committed to make a change in this habit of judging…

… If you REALLY want to get to know yourself…

Then maybe we should talk.

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