Watch and Learn: How to Not Launch a New Product or Service Offer

Last week, I told you that I’m starting a second Cabal coaching group, this time exclusively for men.

You saw me say that for those who apply before today, there’s a 33% discount on the membership fee.

And then over the weekend… you heard nothing whatsoever from me.

Uh-oh. Not good. Not a good example.

Even though I’m wont to say that a bad example is also an example.

Seriously though: there are things I do that you can model after (like sending daily emails, that’s always a good one).

Or making service the first and most important element in your business and your marketing, that’ll do you a lot of good.

Another one: building habits. That’s definitely something you want to copy from me.

But in other things, you should definitely not follow my lead.

For example: when launching products or services.

Whichever teacher or expert you study, they’ll tell you that there’s a method to it – a sequence of messages, combined with an incentive, built-in social media sharing and so on… that’s how you successfully launch a new offer.

But whenever I launch something – whether it was the now discontinued LEAP Marketing Newsletter, or a group coaching program, or my masterclass videos last winter – all I do to launch is to tell my list about it.

Don’t do that.

Don’t be like me.

Make a plan, learn from experts, and then follow their lead.

Because my way of launching – well, it just isn’t a pro way to do it.

So why then?

Why does Martin just slack his way through launching things?

Part of the reason is that I’m lazy.

I like to get things done with the minimal required effort.

But an even more important reason is that I have something far – FAR – more important to do, instead of building complete launch sequences.

And that more important thing is: taking care of people.

Taking care of my readers, my clients, the people I meet online and offline.

THAT is what replaces the launch sequences.

By choosing this attitude, and spending time serving clients as well as potential clients, I get to build incredibly strong relationships with people.

And while that may mean that I create clients at a slower pace compared to if I would have a more strategic approach, it’s a REALLY FUN way of being in business and doing my

And, the results aren’t bad. It works. I get to help folk so I feel good about myself, and some folk end up doing business with me.

Everybody wins.

So that’s why you didn’t see me do a proper launch, and why you didn’t hear from me last weekend – I was busy doing people things.

But, that does mean that if you’re interested in joining the Cabal, you may have forgotten to secure your discount.

So the deadline to apply extends to midnight PST, tonight.

If you apply before then, your monthly membership fee will be $100 for as long as you stay on.

After tonight, the fee will be $145.


You’re a guy?

You want to be part of an elite group of motivated action-taking changemakers?

Build your business while helping others, getting help, and being coached by me on a weekly basis during 2-hour group sessions?

Then apply by answering these questions:



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