Warning: Old Psychology Wine in New Bags Coming Your Way

There’s a brand-spanking new trend in marketing land.

If my calculations are accurate, you’ll be slammed and bombarded with it inside of two months.

EVERYONE is going to fly this here freak-flag, and all the marketing boys are going to be all ‘REVOLUTIONARY SHIT YO!’ at you.

You just wait and see.

Right now, it’s only a few of the big dudes, and most of them are only beginning to really talk about it.

But as soon as the rest of them see that it works, the entire Internet marketing industry will be over it.

Never mind that on my blog I’ve been talking about this same thing from day one, which for me was three years ago. Really, I don’t mind.

This ‘new’ thing is something we all have, it’s what all sales have always been built on.
It just so happens that it’s never really been used as a topic by itself in the mainstream marketing world.

It’s called psychology, and without understanding it there is no sale

Whether consciously or by nature, if you sell something, there is something that you got right about the mind and the feelings of the buyer.

Oh sure, there’s been Cialdini with his Psychology of Persuasion, and neuromarketing as a discipline has been around for a while.

That’s all good and well, but it’s not until guys like Neil Patel and Copyblogger start talking about it that it becomes a meme.

Which also explains why I’ve said it for years, but for years nobody heard it, because I’m not a big shot like Neil Patel or Copyblogger.

Which is fine – I don’t have ambitions to fame. But I chuckle when I see how old wine is, once again, being poured into new bags.

So consider yourself warned. Don’t fall for this new reason to buy once you’re being showered with it.

If you need to buy something from someone, do it because the guy or gal makes sense, has good testimonials, and creates products that are worth the money.

DO NOT buy anything from anyone who tries to delude you by saying psychology in marketing is new. It’s not

We all use it, and nobody more so than marketers. Myself included.

Old wine in new bags, I tell you.

Have a great weekend.


Signed: Martin Psychology-has-been-my-middle-name-for-decades Stellar.

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