Want a Medal? It's for Tireless Busywork in the Face of More Time off and Better Earnings…

I’ve been reaching out to tailors lately.

Because boy, do they need help.

So far, reactions are either: “Doing well, no need for marketing”, or:

“Too busy, can’t afford time to do marketing”.

And that just hurts me so much.

Because I’ve been there, I know what it’s like:

Bills to pay, crappy customers paying crappy rates – so just to get by you take on more of the same crappy work.

Never taking the time to take care of number one.

It’s a total race to the bottom, it’s a guarantee for burnout.

Every sane and successful business person will tell you that 20% of your time is money-making activity and the remaining 80% is for non-billable, business-getting activities.

Marketing, blogging or writing daily emails, studying, reaching out, pitching… all those things that you can’t quote for, but that do bring in better clients and more cash.

Don’t be like those tailors who are killing themselves with more crappy work.

Because if I find out that you put your nose even closer to the grindstone instead of actually taking care of business, I WILL give you that medal.

Now obviously it’s scary: how are you going to find time to bring in more business, when all you need is more income?

I mean, you can’t just take 4 days off your calendar only to do promotion and marketing.

What you can do however is start small, with tiny but significant activities that have a massive impact on your state of mind.

Don’t underestimate the power of shifting your mindset.

Just 30 minutes a day (which you CAN afford, else you’re just making excuses or faffing around on Facebook) will trigger all kinds of chemical and hormonal reactions in your system.

When that starts, it becomes self-perpetuating, it’s a virtuous circle.

For example, starting your day – before opening your inbox – just with 30 minutes of reading, will transform your days.

Or a podcast, or going for a walk, or some gardening – what you actually do is not nearly as important as doing something just for you.

Though making it a learning experience has major benefits.

Try it, give it a week, see how you feel, let me know.

I’m pretty sure you’ll see some magic happen.

And if you want to learn the tricks that I myself use, and how to build one activity into an ever-growing transformational process of more growth and learning and happiness and earning, get in on LEAP 6.

It’s built to cause a big improvement in your business…

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