Valuable Marketing: Best Kind

Interesting talk with a gallery owner yesterday.

Herself a painter, she’s been able to open a gallery here on the coast, and build it up into an actual business in less than two years.

Over some lunch, she asked me about my work and about all this art marketing malarkey.

So I told her:

The trick to marketing art is to make the marketing itself valuable.

Whatever it is you put it should be something that people would essentially want to pay for, if it were a product in its own right.

She smiled, because she understood.

What’s more, it’s exactly what she’s been doing, and it’s the reason for her success.

There used to be an annual art walk in her town, which the organiser had abandoned.

She picked it up, promoted it, roused international and local artists, and hoopla: audience, buzz, sales and recognition.

Not bad either: an art walk is exactly the kind of fun and valuable marketing people would (and in some cases: do) pay for.

Same thing with studio visits:

You can turn those into a massively fun experience for people, instead of just a ‘come here, see this, buy this’ kind of event.

Some good food, a musician, maybe a talk by an author or you bring in a poet to read some of their work – and suddenly, people go to your studio
because it’s outright fun, and you bet that attracts people.

So yeah: make your marketing fun and valuable.

Just like these emails I write:

You might not agree (in which case your best choice is to hit the unsubscribe link), but for most people they are worthwhile receiving.

People read them, get some fun and learning from them, and move on with their day.

Valuable marketing. Best kind.

You can do that too.

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