Unfair Advantage

Bit of housekeeping:

You might wonder what happened to the webinar and the training programme I wrote about last summer (the one called Calibrate Reality Dojo).

If you’re new here: it’s a framework that distills my 25 years of studying psychology and my coaching method into a simple, applicable framework, with the purpose of showing you how to make better decisions, and get better results.

Basically, what you get is Stellar-in-a-tin.

Truth be told, I’ve not been comfortable with the name for a while. It’s too quirky, too cutesy, and much too close to the New-Age hippyish kind of thinking that I’m so far away from.

What we need is not more airy beliefs, but a more sensible way of thinking about our decisions. Makes all the difference.

But as I teach in the programme, a decision should not be made unless it’s a hell yes.

Not until you KNOW that a decision is right, does it make sense to decide something.

And since I didn’t know what other name would work, I’ve not been able to make a decision.

Until last Friday, when my friend & client Paula Mould unleashed her awesome name-giving talent on the matter. (I asked for her opinion, because she’s one of the clients I admire most for the way she implemented the coaching lessons over the years).

And so, in a few weeks, I’ll be ready to re-launch the programme and the webinar, and it will be called The Stellar Edge: Designed to give you an unfair advantage in business and life.

That unfair advantage gives you all kinds of benefits: resilience, clarity, resourcefulness, control over your results, and best of all: the persistent feeling that ‘I got this’.

It’s what I live with most every day, and I SO wish the same for you.

So, stay tuned…



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