Understanding the Market vs Understanding Your Audience

Interesting result from the coaching questionnaire, the other day.

One person said they’d like to “understand the art business, make it work”.

Another person, in response to the question “what do you need help with”, said: “Who are my audience?”

Now compare the two themes there.

I don’t know about you, but I would try to solve the latter instead of the former.

For one thing, the art business is a big and mightily complex affair.

So many aspects to it: galleries, online sales, events and shows and exhibitions, social media and websites…

Trying to understand how all that works is quite a job, will take a long time, and just when you’re done learning one aspect, something else changes and you’ll have to learn that.

If however you make it your mission to understand your people, to learn what they like in your art and where they hang out…

… if your goal is to learn who your audience are…

… then things become much easier and more manageable.

You don’t need to learn everything about the art business – and in fact I recommend you don’t try.

Focus on your people instead – your fans, your buyers and your brand ambassadors.

Understand them, really get to know them.

Everything else will follow from there.

In traditional business models, they call it market research, but I just call it listening.

Put your ear to the ground, listen to what people say, ask them questions.

By and by you’ll start to ‘get’ them – and once that happens it’ll become natural to find buyers, because you’ll start to align your message and communications with thoughts and feelings and aspirations they already have in their lives.

That way, you become a natural part of their life, and your art right along with it.

And, you’ll build up your own audience – your own platform of fans.

Best way to do it?

Email marketing, hands down.

You build your list, you communicate frequently with the people who subscribe, and from the reactions and sales you get, you learn even more about your audience.

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