Tuning the Human Machine

Spoke to a friend about my CRD training today, and he remarked: “The value you bring is [amongst a few other things he mentioned]… tuning the human machine”.

Which is effectively what a coach does – I just never looked at it that way.

But it’s true.

You’ve got this utterly amazing apparatus called you – the thing you are as a human being – and it can do staggeringly impressive things.

But like any machine, it works better the more you optimise it for performance.

And that’s where most people don’t really seem to bother.

We put fuel into our body that shortens life span and causes excessive wear&tear.

We surround ourselves with people and places and habits and things that choke up our engine (i.e. the mind).

We let all kinds of damage get done to our inner state of focus and/or well-being.

And worst of all?

We blame ourselves for not performing better, when we actually don’t take the time to optimise and tune ourselves for better performance.

And that’s why a coach can have such a powerful effect on you.

Just like when you buy a car and get aftermarket tuning.

Suddenly your stock machine runs smoother and faster, becomes amazingly powerful.


When you start tuning yourself, and especially if you get a coach to help you, a similar thing happens.

You tap potential you only dreamed of having, become more focused, perform better, become happier and more fun to be around.

In a sense, it’s like become an upgraded version of yourself.

Sometimes with even one coaching conversation.

So, want to see what you’re like when you’re tuned better?

Hit reply and let’s set up a time to talk.



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