Tryptich: The Cure for Procrastination, Part 2

The session is going well.

We’re doing some deep inner work, and my client is going through a series of important insights.


Instantly, his eyes shoot to the corner of the screen.

An email has come in.

A short pause as he reads the notification excerpt, and he continues talking to me.

Happens to nearly all of us.

No big deal, right?

A notification, a tiny interruption, something you’ll deal with later, and then you go on with your day.

Actually, it’s a huge deal.

It’s a massive, problematic, disruptive and destructive issue.


Because in studies it’s been found that when you’re in the zone, any disruption or distraction will take you out of it – and on average it takes you something like 17 minutes to get back into it.

Which means that for that one tiny interruption, you lose almost a third of an hour of you best, most focused, zone of genius attention.

Three interruptions in an hour?

There’s an entire hour of the best of you, down the drain.

And we all get far, far more than three an hour.

Watsapp, email, sms, skype, Messenger… ping ping ping, all day long.

No wonder so many people feel overwhelmed and unable to really get big stuff done.

We’re being distracted all the time, and we don’t even know how much damage that does to our productivity.

And the worst of it?

When we end up in that ‘always pulled out of the zone’ state, picking up a task and getting it done becomes something we procrastinate on.

Because we’re incessantly being forced to not finish a task, our motivation and our confidence plummet.

Which makes us even less motivated to stop procrastinating.

So today, I’m giving you a challenge.

For one week, turn off all notifications.

Your phone, laptop, your tablet… don’t let anything ping or flash at you.

Just one week… I know you can do it.

When I made that choice, several important things happened.

For one thing, I instantly felt better. As in, the very same day.

And, I became more focused and more productive.

Not bad, for just a few clicks.

And as for email and stuff?

Simply set fixed times throughout the day for checking what’s come in.

Very few, if any, messages are so urgent that they can’t wait for an hour or two.

Try this.

It just might transform your work.

And by not trying to ‘fix procrastination’ or developing discipline, you might find you stop procrastinating…

Let me know how it goes.

Meanwhile, registration for The Cabal is open.

If you’ve been on the fence about joining, today might be the day you choose to schedule a call with me.

Or you could procrastinate on it, if you like.

Then again, you could procrastinate on that procrastination, as per yesterday’s missive.

Up to you…

Cabal information here:



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