True Story: How to Turn Your Critics Into Buyers

Got a fantastic real-life example for you today, of how you can literally create clients.

Talking to Dutch artist Anouk Slegers last weekend, while visiting a group exhibition in Marbella.

Tells me:

“An art critic in Holland wrote an article about my work, deriding it.

“He called me an epigone”.

Which means: imitator.

Now most of us would cringe, suffer, feel sad, or inhale large quantities of something with lots of sugar in.

Not Anouk.

Instead, she did what any professional boxer would do:

Take it on the chin and rebound.

Next, she created…

She wrote him a message, thanking him for sharing his opinion, and giving an honest,  non-biased reaction.

A conversation ensued, in which it transpired that he owned several original works by the artist who – he claims – she copies.

But here’s where things get really cool:

In the end, the guy understood that she doesn’t just copy someone else’s work.

By communicating with her, he realised that she is an original artist, who uses inspiration to make her own style.

And guess what happened next…

He bought one of her paintings!

Now how cool is that?

How’s that for creating vs reacting?

If all we do is react to criticism, or indeed to hearing ‘no’, then we’ll never go anywhere.

Instead, don’t react: create.

Create conversations, create space, create possibilities, and yes:

Create buyers out of people, even if at first it seems they have it in for you.

If she can do it, then so can you.

So what are you waiting for?

Why not start creating… your prosperous, thriving art business?

I know, I know.

There’s so much that goes into it, and so much to know and learn and do.

But if you start by creating relationships, and conversations…

If you take the work of showing and selling your work as a fundamentally human and humane process of bringing your light to the world…

Then it can become a LOT of fun indeed.

And if you want a primer on the strategies, the stories you could tell, and the psychology of creating clients, then my Art Marketing Masterclass might shed a lot of light.

It’s the perfect jumping off point for anyone who wants to get better at marketing, but is unable to commit to a full scale coaching programme at this moment.

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