Trick Question: What Kind of Human Are You?

So you set a goal, you decide on the actions required to achieve it, and next you get to work.

And then you realise: it ain’t happening. It’s going slower than you’d expect, or you’re not seeing any signs that the seeds you’re planting will grow.

When that’s the case, you might want to step back and have a look.

But not at what you’re doing.

It’s easy to think that what you’re doing isn’t the right things, or that you’re doing it wrong.

But very often, what you’re doing is fine – and the problem is who and how you’re *being*.

We get so overcome by all the things we can do or should do or want to do, that we forget who we need to be, in order for those things to pay off.

Doing vs being… an interesting (and very helpful) way of looking at things.

So when you’re not seeing the results you’d expect, look at who you are, before you look at what you’re doing.

Because you  might do all the right things, but if you’re not being the right kind of person for the job, things can get mighty frustrating.

After all:

Are you a human doing, or a human being?

If you want help in figuring out which kind of person you need to be in order to reach your goals, let’s talk.



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