Transactions VS Relationships

It might look like a simple equation:

You have a product or service that solves problem A for such and such a person – so when you meet that kind of person, they pay you and you deliver your solution.

After all, a business solves problems or fulfills needs, and earns money in return.

But if you look at it that way, you make it transactional, and that means you’re likely to ignore a host of items that matter a lot to your prospect.

Wants, aspirations, fears and frustrations… trust and concerns and objections… all kinds of things that are very much alive in your buyer’s mind.

And until your buyer has a resolution to all of those, there will not be a transaction, because they won’t be ready. (unless you bully people into a sale, but that’s not the kind of person you or I are).

The thing to remember is that a sale happens in the context of a conversation, and a conversation happens in the context of a relationship.

So if you find that prospects don’t end up buying even though they seem ready, willing and able, ask yourself:

Are you focused on the transaction, or on the relationship?

In nearly all cases, backing away from the transaction you hope for in favour of developing the relationship, will enable your prospects to bring items to the table that they need resolved.

Whereas if you keep your focus on the transaction, they’ll feel incomplete, that there’s something missing in the overall picture – and as long as that state exists, they’re not going to buy.

Relationships lead to transactions.

So: Build relationships.



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